Changelog May 2, 2021

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This weekend was full of bug-fixing.  Thanks to CDiggity Aces, and Shaditow for assisting me yesterday!  Also another big thank you to Aces for the amazing new patcher!  (If you’re having trouble with your patcher, please see this post :

If you want to see what we’re currently working on and the progress of issues, please visit our trello!

Moving onto the fun stuff 😀

New Features: 
Daily Quests! 

  • Our First of 3 Daily Quest NPC’s have been added.  Say hello to the Item Gathering Quest)!  You can find her in the Quest shop in Centralia.
  • Every day, she’ll assign a quest to you for gathering items.  She’ll ask you to provide her with a random assortment of items to bring back to her.  In exchange, she’ll reward you Cash Points & Experience based on the complexity of the random quest at hand.
  • You may repeat these quests as much as you like, but she will only give you Cash Points once a day.  However, if you’re looking to earn experience, she will be happy to give you that.


Hayyyy minigames!  How we’ve missed you so! <3

  • Pojo – (The really mean chicken is back!  He’s walking around Centralia, be careful, he really doesn’t like to be touched.   If he likes you, he’ll give you a prize.
  • Dice – A fan favorite!  Every Hour the game will start, you can join by typing @dice when the announcement prompts you to.  Simply stand on the number you think is going to be drawn.  If you choose correctly, you’ll win minigame tokens, choose wrong and your butt is warped back to Centralia.
  • Disguise – Nostalgia at its finest.  Located in Prontera, this minigame will test your knowledge of Mobs by having you type out their name as the NPC is disguised as them.  Every right answer awards you Minigame Tokens
  • Cluckers – Unlike Pojo, Cluckers actually wants to give you a prize.  This takes place in Payon – Be sure to get there when it starts!

We’re working on balancing Survival Arena (old eRO guys know what this is) to be balanced with the latest episodes.  Keep your eye on our updates to find out when this beloved game is coming back!

Mob Updates:

  • Contaminated Magic now drops from Hard Mode Arclouse
  • Gala Gun now drops from Broken Warehouse Manager
  • All 17.2 Mobs should grant experience now (Thanks CDiggity for the numbers & calculations!)
  • Uni-Horn Scaraba drops Luxurious Doram Suit

Item Updates:

  • HD Bradium now works as intended
  • Fly Wings no longer have a cooldown
  • Spell Books have been added to the 4th Job Shop
  • Prickly Fruit has been added to the 4th Job Vendor (Whoops, should be in 3rd, but it’s in 4th)
  • Special Alloy Trap added to the 4th Job Vendor (Again, whoops, should be in 3rd, but it’s in 4th)
  • If a shadow cross ingests a Poison, they’ll get ASPD instead of dying now.  (lol)
  • Ein3 Weapons & Accessories are now given their combos when worn together
  • Modification Module is now giving CRIT +10

NPC Updates:

  • Eden Market now has a cooldown of 1 week (instead of 24 hours).  Prices increased.
  • Safety Pendant R is back in the Einbech Shop
  • The Enriched Elu from the Gold Bag shop has been adjusted to the right type of Enriched Elu.
  • You can now get your rings with Mora coins if you’re a 4th job

Skill Updates:

  • Guard Stance is back in the Imperial Guard skill tree (Sorry about that!)
  • Pressure now hits 3x instead of 1x

Misc Updates:

  • Friends list now works!  You can log off and have friends haha.

There will be a clientside update today to address the issue with garments being worn in front of 4th classes.

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