Patcher Update – May 1, 2021


Hi Friends!

@Sparkmod was nice enough to clean up our patcher skin a bit, and it looks amazing!  However, when the patcher tries to update itself, it likes to just — not.  SO if you would like to see the gorgeous new Patcher with updated links and whatnot, please do the following:

  1. Open your EssenceRO Patcher.exe and run it — It will give you a notification on the bottom left “Updating Patcher…”  and kind of hang there for a bit.  After about 15 seconds or so you can close it.
  2. The Patcher has created a file in your root eRO folder named “tmp.exe” 
  3. Delete your old EssenceRO Patcher.exe and rename tmp to EssenceRO Patcher
  4. Run your new EssenceRO Patcher to see the pretty new skin 🙂

Sorry for the inconvenience.  I’m updating the client downloads now for anyone who downloads in the future.

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