The 4th Job Project

Hi Friends!

If you didn’t catch my previous post, here’s a brief overview of what we’ve decided:

eRO is going Renewal & then some!

Yes, you’ve heard right!

eRO is embarking on an awesome project known as 4CrAM.

What is the timeline for the 4th Jobs?

The 4CrAM will be released in three phases:

The Phases break down as follows:

  1.  Base Support – Fully working framework / systems for 4th jobs, traits system (T.Stats/T.Sub-Stats/T-Status Points), AP system, etc.  (Currently Implemented)
  2.  4-1 Job Skill Sets – Working skills for Dragon Knight, Arch Mage, Windhawk, Cardinal, Meister, & Shadow Cross (Will be released at the end of this month)
  3.  4-2 Job Skill Sets – Working skills for Imperial Guard, Elemental Master, Troubadour/Trouvere, Inquisitor, Biolo, & Abyss Chaser (Release Date: TBD)

Today we received code for the 1st phase.

What will be changing (Short Version)

  • eRO will be moving to Renewal Mechanics completely
    • Renewal Drop Penalty Disabled (It’s dumb)
    • Renewal EXP Penalty Disabled (it’s dumb)
  • Max Levels will move to 250/50
  • Upgraded 2020 Client (pretty and new!)
  • MVP Equipment Drop Rate will be substantially lowered
  • MVP Card Drop Rate will be lowered to .01% (1x)

What does that mean for us? What about our accounts? Are we doing a wipe? What’s happening? AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! 

So after discussing with a lot of different people, the staff and players alike, we’ve come to the decision that yes, there will in fact be a wipe.  HOWEVER — Don’t freak out, we’re not getting rid of EVERYTHING.

  • All Accounts, Chars & Levels will stay (This means if you decide to log in right now and level your little booty up to 200, that level will stand when we move over to Renewal).
  • All existing Donation Credits will transfer and be carried over
  • All VIP Costumes will be turned back into VIP Costume Tickets
  • Any unused Enriched Odri & Enriched Elu will be carried over
  • When we re-open, we’ll do a bunch of EXP events.  I’ll add in a “Floating Rate” donation (for zeny) NPC.

When will we officially re-open?

That’s an excellent question.

I just received the base code today that supports the framework for the 4th jobs, including the extended stats / traits.  I need to first and foremost diff a working 2020 client, speak with Functor about whether or not it’s actually compatible with Gepard (we think it is, but can’t be too sure just yet), and get some volunteers on to be sure the client doesn’t implode on itself.

I want to estimate opening in about 2 weeks for an “Alpha” test.  The “Alpha” test will require a bunch of guinea pigs to come in and jump around.  I’d prefer people who have knowledge of Renewal mechanics & systems.  I’ll let everyone know more on that in the coming days.

What about our eRO Customs? 

A lot of eRO customs will be obsolete once we move to Renewal.  However, we will keep our favorite games (Survival Arena I’m lookin’ at you! We’ll have to make it harder).  Valkyrie Helms will be getting an upgrade.   We can add in eRO customs as we see fit, but at this point I don’t think a lot of things would even work in the meta of Renewal, but we’ll have to play it by ear.

As always, if you have any questions, please ask!

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