eRO & 4th Jobs

Hi Friends!

After a lot of discussions, insight and suggestions, we have decided — eRO is going full renewal– And then some!

Recently I’ve gotten my hands on the 4th Job Sprites (THEYRE SO PRETTY), and have been speaking with a developer who has been working on a 4th Job Project.  He is releasing a new, exclusive project for rAthena that adds 4th Job functionality.

In the coming days I will be given the code, and will begin the overhaul of eRO.   I’m genuinely excited to see what 4th Jobs have to offer — There’s a LOT to them.  New stats, new everything.

What does that mean? 
Sadly, a wipe :( (Partially)

However, much like we did before, we’ll save characters & levels and wipe literally everything else (items).  All accounts will be given a plethora of Costume Tickets.

We will keep the rates the same, 75/75/50, however we’ll be adjusting the drop rates for MVP earned Equips to 10x, and MVP card drops will be reduced to .01%.  (Sorry folks, but after seeing what happened with a higher drop rate, this is kind of necessary).

MVP’s will be default.  We will add in our custom MVP’s, mini bosses & some custom equipment.

I’m excited to work on a completely unique and exclusive platform, and I hope all of you are just as curious as I am!

While I know this isn’t the news everyone wanted to hear, I do know that eRO was one of the first servers to have 3rd Jobs — So why not be the first to have 4th?

The ETA of this project isn’t set yet, but I will release more information as I’m given the code.

Here’s a few screenshots of the 4th Job Project: (Btw, Miseter (whitesmith) looks AWESOME)

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