April 2021 Digest


Hi Friends!

I’ve been trying to gather my thoughts and get an update out to you guys with what I’m going to be focused on this month!  I hope this answers a lot of questions for you. 🙂

This post is in addition to the normal changelogs i’ll be posting periodically.  Changelogs will mostly contain bug fixes and smaller content adds, this post is the overall focus for the month.

Content Focus:

  • The main focus this month is to clean up the episode content for 17.1 & 17.2 — I’ve heard some feedback about inconsistencies so I’d like to get that situated before we really move on to more pressing matters.
  • I’ll be adding in the jRO Geffen Labyrinth Instance at some point this month, minus the jRO Gears.  This is going to be how to introduce Shadow Gear into the server.   If you’re not familiar with Geffen Labyrinth, we’ll put a guide up on our Wiki to showcase how to go about completing it.  Note: It’s hard as heck 🙂
  • At some point this month as well I’ll be merging in the 3rd Job Improvement update that kRO implemented a few months ago.  This is going to take me a little while as I have to manually update every skill – We have a lot of custom source code in our files and a straight merge would create massive conflicts.  But do know that it’s something I plan on adding soon.
  • I have it on my radar to adjust the Mob Drop tables in that Mobs that have a headgear related to their mob will drop it.  We have a few hat quests that require this, so this time consuming project is something I need to sit down and tackle before the month is up.

Misc Focus:

Hats — Of course.   A lot of people have asked about specific costume headgears and how to obtain them.  Know that there a ton of hats in our arsenal for quests and I’ll be releasing them in small bursts.  With the content dump of 17.1 & 17.2 I want to make sure I don’t throw too much at you guys too quickly, but rest assured that more hats are coming. 🙂

Future Focus:

  • I’m in contact with a Developer who is currently working on episode the OGH Challenge Mode instance as well as the full episode content for 18.1.  Both of those projects are at about 80% completion, so as soon as those are completed we will add them in-game.

How can you help?

A lot of people have approached me asking how they can help the server, and I am overwhelmed by the amazing feedback I’ve been getting.  We really are building something beautiful and it wouldn’t be possible without you guys at all.   But if anyone does want to lend a helping hand, I could use help populating the Wiki with guides for Renewal, quest guides etc.  I personally don’t have the time to create wiki pages, so that would be a huge help to me and the entire server!

Thank you all again for your dedication and your faith in me as your curator of content 🙂 <3 I appreciate you all so so much!

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