Changelog 3 July, 2021


ふわ上 SardToday at 11:36 AM

Hey! I need to give HUGE shoutouts to Rukaa! He’s been consistently helping me with fixes, NPC’s, and written lots of code for me. He has more experience with rAthena than I do, and I couldn’t have gotten this much out without his help. I’m getting faster every day, but he’s absolutely the hero of this patch. He had a hand in just about everything, so please give your thanks to him and show your appreciation! He’s a superstar~

Still trying to figure out why the Blacksmith Blessing logic isn’t working in @refineui but I haven’t gotten it to work yet, so don’t waste your BSB yet.

Also, we have more stuff planned, so the next patch might be in just a few days. Stay tuned! It’s just a lot to get through (help lol).


○ Healer now has no cooldown on heals and a 2 second cooldown on buffs. She also now repairs and identifies equipment.
○ De-cluttered kafra.
○ Added all non-shadow elemental converters to prometheus.
○ Moved the eden warper next to the other warpers.
○ Fixed the Party Warper.
○ Renamed Warpra to Warper.
○ Moved the Universal Rental NPC to a more noticeable location (just right of the fountain in the main town).
○ Fixed the bug with Essence Kafra where her portrait would remain after most menu options (Still need to add end scripts to each of the npcs that she calls).
○ Added various missing locations to the Warper.
○ Removed bugged blue fairy wins from CP shop
○ Removed Baby Summoner from the job master to prevent humans from going doram and crashing the game
○ Made prometheus increase agi scroll 1 bag and added Token of Siegfried for 20 bags.
○ Reduced the cost of Blacksmith’s Blessing to 200.
○ Removed Special Alloy Trap Box because it’s redundant.
○ Made World tokens weight 0 instead of the 50 they weighed earlier.
○ Added Budget bubblegum to normal bubblegum to the converter npc in eden hq
○ Updated the Instance NPC and located her in northern ilyo_kwan
○ Added both prickly fruits to the brewer and smith npc shp for 50k zeny each.
○ Fixed and completely customized and rewrote the entire wedding NPC group with improved dialogue, bugfixes, and same sex marriage.
○ Added three new shadow shop npc’s in the northern part of town
○ Because we have shadow gear shops in town now, the shadow shop option in @instance has been changed to have the statue figure things instead.
○ Fixed Illusion Enchanter.
Daily gathering quest in the main town now awards 50 Cash Points and numerous highly valuable rewards. Additionally, the farming requirements have been mostly cut in half.
○ Added a custom drop NPC to the northern part of the main town! With this, I can edit rates in-game. I’ll be using this for events, as well as to more conveniently add drops to mobs without having to edit the database. You can click on this NPC in order to see what rates have been changed of your own volition – he looks like a bluish Ancient Mimic.
○ Fixed HD Bradium so it doesn’t downrefine you to +9 any more (but BSB still does not work because I can’t get the logic to work in the RefineUI like how it used to work on the former NPCs which handled it). (update: this only works on level 1 weapons right now. Easy fix, should be up soon).
○ Right next to him is a new Instance Manager NPC! Check them out~~


○ Updated statpoint.txt (character base stats) to be modern and consistent with rAthena’s github (overall stat increase). Will require you to Reset your stats to take effect.
○ Standardized baby stats and enabled stat growth past level 200 for previously standardized extended classes.
You can no longer use @storage while dead.


○Updated the following item scripts to be correct:







○ Removed Undead effect from Necromancer’s Hood 5502
○ Made Tuxedo a non etc item and ensured both genders can equip and wed with both armor sets.
○ Made World tokens weigh 0 instead of their previous 50
○ Removed all trade restrictions from item id’s 25155, 6919, and 1000104
○ The maximum carrying capacity for Tokens of Siegfried 7621 is now 10.


○ Added @mapwarp to the game for admin use.
○ Removed the ability to use branches in novicefield.
○ Screamed and cried and panicked and cried some more haaaaa :’D
○ Guild leader change has no cooldown.
○ Knowing me I probably forgot something.

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