Changelog: 6/22/2021

– A short introduction. –
Hello EssenceRO! I’m ふわ上 Sardrellas, your newest (budding) developer! Pleased to meet you~ I just joined the team and I’m still kind-of getting a hang of the whole patching process; this is my first patch to the server and I’ve got much to learn. It’s a small and kind-of experimental patch with only two small fixes, but my patches should pick up pretty soon here as I gain more experience (I’ll be aiming to patch roughly every day to every other day until I catch up on bugs). Thanks in advance for your patience!


  • Upon failure to refine +10 armor with HD Carnium, your gear will no longer downgrade to +9. It’ll just stay at +10. HOWEVER HD Bradium still resets weapons to +9 upon failure; not sure why, but I’ll try to get that fixed tomorrow if I can. Sorry about that.


  • Gigantes card now drops at a 0.5% chance instead of a 0.01% chance.

It’s super short, I know. In any case, I have a lot of other files I’m working on right now, but they’re not quite ready for release yet. In the meantime, if something is bugged and it accosts you (like if a mob or MVP goes missing – I think a few might have disappeared actually – ) please let me know and if I’m online, I’ll be happy to just band-aid fix it for you (summoning missing mvps if they’re supposed to be there, within reason of course/restoring +10 -> +9 downgraded gear provided you show me dated proof of the item’s existence, stuff like that. Just let me know however I can help you out and I’ll do what I can.

– An announcement –

I’m holding an event in a few days to commemorate me joining as a developer! I’m working hard to get stuff fixed as fast as possible while learning what I need to help run the server and all, but in the meantime, I wanted to say that I understand the concerns and stipulations as of late and really appreciate you guys bringing as many bugs to my attention as possible. As a thank-you for your patience and understanding, I’ll be giving out a bunch of costume items that can’t be obtained in-game or in the cash shop, some Cash Points, World Tokens, and perhaps a few other goodies too. I don’t have all the logistics or an exact date sorted out yet, so please keep up to date in our Discord server for updates on this; it should be sometime this week though.

That’s it! Future updates from me will be much less verbose and just focus on fixes and other game related details. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you guys!

And remember folks… always… always eat your vegetables. And get enough sleep. Take care of yourselves – that’s important. ❤️

ふわ上 out!

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