Changelog April 1, 2021

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Happy April Fool’s Day!  There’s no jokes about our update for the day, so here goes!
Note: Your client will dump a ton of files into a “Trash” folder after patching.  This is GOOD!  That means your patch was successful and you’ll be able to log in.

NPC Edits: 

  • Updated Sealed Shrine Quest
  • 17.1  Quests Updated

Skill Edits:

  • Cooldown for Monk Skills Combo Skills removed

Client Edits: 

  • New Client Version – Gepard Re-Added that allows our 4th Job Skill effects
  • Hairstyles now go up to 180
  • Camera Angles Removed from:
    • Thor Dungeon
    • Abbey
    • Eden Group

Misc Edits: 

  • Patcher Fixed (Wew)
    • Working on getting the RSS feed to work properly
  • Enriched Ori & Elu added to Cash Shop
  • #main channel added (It works now 😉 )

Mob Updates:

  • Imp now drops its hat
  • The following items now drop from Rockridge Mobs:
    • Calf Deathadder
    • Calf Kingcobra
    • Calf Diamondback
    • Calf Anaconda
    • Calf Python
  • EssenceRO Custom Mobs Added:
    • Saplings (Spawn in yggdrasil01 & pay_fild11)
    • Teddyrings (Spawn in mosk_fild02 & pay_fild07)
    • Pandarings (Spawn in ama_fild01 & pay_fild09)
    • Skelings (Spawn in nif_fild01 & gef_dun03)
    • Cowrings (Spawn in prt_fild06)
    • Icerings (Spawn in ice_dun02)
    • Demonrings (Spawn in gl_chyard)

17.1 – 17.2 Content Update:

We’re currently at 67% of our total goal of $420 for the huge content update for 17.2.  Every donation counts, so THANK YOU so much!  We’ll get to that goal soon, I can feel it in my bones!

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