Changelog April 18, 2021

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Happy Maintenance Day! (& Sunday!).
I just want to start out this post by giving a huge THANK YOU to LuabTneb for hosting a 50 Cash Point giveaway this morning! We had 97 people signed up for the event, now that’s AWESOME!! If you weren’t around when the names were drawn, Luab sent you a PM letting you know you have 48 hours to claim it from him.

Now to your regularly scheduled maintenance updates —

Client Updates: PLEASE PATCH! 😀

  • Updated Palettes for Dragon Knights, Abyss Chasers, Imperial Guards, Arch Mage (riding), Dorams
  • Added in LGP & Aura Support
  • Updated Glast Heim Challenge Mode Sprite Mobs

Misc Updates:

  • Adjusted Homun Intimacy Rate from 1x – 10x ( You’re welcome!)
  • Vendors are no longer allowed to vend in Centralia. Please use the designated Vending zone.
  • New Commands:
    • (VIP) @auras (Change your aura!  Base, Mid & Effect)  — There is also an NPC in Centralia who will let you scroll through them with ease.
    • (VIP) @colornick – Change the color of your display name
    • @whosell – Check vends via command
  • Card Drop rates increased to .1 for:
    • Necromancers
    • Bio5 Mobs
  • Removed High Weapon Boxes from dropping.
    • This was never supposed to be in in the first place.
  • Added Trade/Sell/Drop Restrictions for Budget Bubble Gum & Trial VIP Tickets
    • Again, this was never supposed to be a thing
  • Refine now works for all weapons.  If you come across a weapon that can’t be refined I may have missed it so please just report it to me so I can adjust accordingly.
  • Enchantment Modules now work for Episode 17 Weapons & Ein Weapons.

Instance Updates:

  • OGH Updated.  This is the kRO Version which means Contaminated Magic (Red Stones) do not drop from this instance in Hard Mode.
  • Glast Heim Challenge Mode
    Glast Heim Challenge Mode Added

    • Temporal Circlets
    • Enchantments
    • New Mobs & Cards
  • Fixed Fall of Glast Heim Freezing issue

As always, thank you everyone for your continued support!  More and more progress every day! <3 (I may have missed a few things I fixed.. But I’ll be updating some more things as the days go on!).

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