Changelog April 26, 2021

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Hi Friends!

A few updates comin’ atcha.

I have unfortunate news, the 3rd job renewal patch was being a pain in my arse when it came time to add it to the live server, so this will be delayed for a day or so.  Please hang in there, It’ll be in this week.

Misc Updates: 

  • Partial Wipe has happened — Anyone with OGH Challenge Mode stuff has been wiped, including all miniboss cards.
  • All Illusion Weapon enchants have been wiped.  Weapon Level 4 should not have been able to be enchanted the way they were.  New enchants coming soon.
  • Removed Enriched Elu (50) from Cash Shop – Replaced it with Enriched Elu (10) as it should have been
  • Inquisitor Skills have been added
  • Ein Weapon Enchants added to Ein Merchant
  • Broken Cleaner Card added to their proper mob drops
  • Automatic Module Box now works as intended
  • Bags of Gold Coins now weigh 1. (The description is off until I throw in a client patch)

NPC Updates:

  • Added a “Gold Bag Shop” to the NPC Shop.  You can now buy cash shop items for bags of gold coins.
  •  Gramps Temporarily Disabled
  • Biolo’s may now do the quest for Homun S’

Instance Updates:

  • OGH Challenge Mode has been re-enabled.  It now forces you to start at the bottom and work your way up, cooldown now works as it should.
  • Added new commands (Currently in a Alpha Test so Instances are Limited):
    • @inscd – Check your Instance Cooldown Timers
    • @insreset – Reset your Instances (only select ones are able to be reset 1x a day) for a Zeny Fee

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