Changelog April 27, 2021


Hi Friends!  Quick maintenance today.

Huge Shoutout to  Technoken for helping my silly butt and getting the 3rd Job Improvement Patch working for me <3 !

Other Misc Updates: 

  • Odin’s Past Mobs & Drops Updated (Thank you SO much to Lymoneska for sharing her database with me!)
  • Card Drop Rate Updated for:
    • King Dramoh -> Now .5%
    • Necromancer -> Now .5%
  • SEA Proxy Added (PLEASE PATCH!)
  • Removed the max level aura so VIP Aura’s will not save upon relog
  • Level 4 Illusion Weapons may now be enchanted.  Please see the new NPC in the Enchanting Quarter to purchase the stones.
  • Temporal Circlets have been wiped (Forgot to do that last night — Derpface. )

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