Changelog April 7, 2021


Hold your hats guys, this is a DOOZY.  Make sure you patch before entering, you’ll crash — A lot.

New Content: 

New Main Town! It’s so pretty 🙂

Episode 17.1 (Wiki page coming soon)

  • All Illusion Dungeons Added.  Use the Warper > Special Dungeons to warp there
    • Instead of doing daily quests, all mobs drop Illusion Gemstomes
    • Combine 20x Illusion Gemstones into 1 Illusion Stone by double clicking stacks of Illusion Gemstones
    • You may enter Illusion Dungeons once per day for an hour.  You may re-enter the dungeon by paying a fee of Illusion Stones (depends on the dungeon difficulty).
    • Illusion Shop and Enchanter in lefthand side shop in Centralia
  • EDDA Somatology Added
  • EDDA Old Glast Heim Added
  • Friday Instance Added

Episode 17.2 (Wiki page coming soon)

  • Full Storyline Added with Quests
  • Instances added:
    • Hey! Sweety!
    • Water Garden
    • Hidden Flower Garden
    • Lost in Time
  • Dungeons Added:
    • 1st Power Plant
    • 2nd Power Plant
    • Library
    • Tataros
    • Tataros’ Storeroom Lower Level
    • Wastewater Treatment Plant
    • Kennel Lost Valley
    • Large Medatito Bath
  • Important Places:
    • Teahouse
    • Restaurant (Ticket Exchanger & Enchanter)
    • Varmundt’s Mansion

Misc Missing Content:

  • Einbech Dungeon Shop
    • Instead of crafting 1 Dynite out of 5 different stones, I simplified it so you can combine any 5 of each color stone together to make 1 Dynite.  To combine them, simply double click on the stones in your inventory.
    • Shop is located in Centralia
    • Rudus mobs now drop Core Cor’s and Unknown Parts

Client Fixes

  • RefineUI  Now Works and is operational
  • Fixed the storage resource error (Thanks Nox!)

Item Fixes

  • Fixed Unlimited Fly wing to no longer work on maps flagged with “No Teleport”
  • Fixed Unlimited Speed Potion to actually work
  • Fixed Cash Shop tickets to actually work

4th Job Update

  • Biolo skills have been added:
    • Acidified Zone Water, Ground, Wind & Fire Attack
    • Bionic Pharmacy (Currently not working)
    • The Whole Protection
    • Wooden Warrior
    • Wooden Fairy
    • Creeper
    • Helltree


  • Meister & Biolo new crafting skills are not functioning as they should
  • Meister ABR’s don’t teleport with you
  • Bioilo Summons currently do not have skills.  They’re still being coded.

There might be things I missed — I’ll do my best to keep everything updated!

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