Changelog June ,


Oofa — This was a fun one!

Job/Skill Updates:

  • Troubadour & Trouvere Skills Added
  • Elemental Master:
    • Elemental Buster is working (They still need a few adjustments)
  • Abyss Chaser:
    • Abyss Strike & Abyss Square – Issue corrected where caster’s base level didn’t affect damage
  • Arch Mage:
    • Climax – Corrected elemental damage bonus from Destructive Hurricane & Crystal Impact

Item Updates:

  • Shadow Gear now obtainable (wiki page coming soon)
    • Low-End Gear is dropped by mobs (list coming soon)
    • High End Gear can be obtained by completing instances (use @instance in game to see the shop)
  • Valkyrie Helms
    • Old eRO Valkyrie Helms have been added
      • You may now enchant Valkyrie Helms.  Speak to the “Hidden Fairy” in Yuno to purchase a Valkyrie Shard to enchant your helm.  The Hidden Fairy requires Valkyrie Fragments in exchange for shards.

System Updates:

  • @instance
    • Completing Instances will give you 1 or 6 World Tokens
    • Use the Instance shop via @instance to spend your Tokens
    • You may use tokens to reset instances as well
  • Naturally spawning MVP’s will drop Cash Points at 10%
  • Storage increased from 300 -> 800 slots
  • Streamer Boxes & Rewards Added — Speak to Mikeyyy If you want to become a streamer!
  • PvP Room Added — Working on re-adding Deathmatch & the DeathMatch shop.
  • VIP Monthly Hats given out (check your mail)
  • Everyone was given a Costume Panda Hat as a present for everyone for Kiwi’s birthday! <3 (check your mail)

Headgear Updates:

  • Blue Fairy Wings Added
  • Alternate Valkyrie Helmets Added
  • Unlimited Abrasive added to Cash Shop
  • Black Magician Hat added

Shop Updates:

  • Automatic Modules now gives other forms at random
  • Gold Bag Shop:
    • Overall prices lowered
    • Added HD Oridecon & Elunium

Misc Bug Fixes:

  • Daily Quests now give CP once a day as they should have in the first place
  • Glast Heim Challenge Mode cooldown lowered to 24 hours
  • Water Garden monsters are correct now
  • Normal Plaga now spawns in sp_rudus2
  • White Porcielo spawns in ein_dun03
  • Toxious Drops its card
  • Edda Mobs now drop Experimental Fragment & Research Documents
  • 17.2 Mobs drop Barmeal Tickets & 17.2 Instance Mobs drop Magical Soapstones
  • Broken Cleaner card now gives the 10% hp boost
  • Bapho and Arigope drop their hat
  • You now keep AP upon logout

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