Changelog March 31, 2021


Misc Changes:

  • Removed Teleport Level Select Pop-up
  • Allow revive upon @go when dead
  • Fixed the spam blank space message when warping/teleporting
  • rAthena Base upgraded to latest revision
    • Fixed General Issue that may cause server crashes
  • Updated Cash Shop
  • PvP is now enabled on MVP Maps (as it should have been in the first place — This means no 4th job skills in these areas)

Class Changes:

  • Price of Elemental Stones updated to Official
  • Elemental Master Skills Added:
    • Magic Book
    • Spell Enchanting
    • Activity Burn
    • Increasing Activity
    • Diamond Storm
    • Lightning Land
    • Venom Swamp
    • Conflagration
    • Terra Drive
    • Elemental Buster (Fire, Water, Wind, Ground, Poison)
    • Due to the complex nature of elementals and the large number of skills needed to be added for them, all elemental related skills will be added at a later date. Elemental buster skill is currently using temporary code. Does not require an elemental to be summoned to use but will trigger a random element due to this.
  • Imperial Guard Skills Added:
    • Guard Stance
    • Guardian Shield
    • Rebound Shield
    • Shield Mastery
    • Spear Sword
    • Attack Stance
    • Ultimate Sacrifice
    • Holy Shield
    • Grand Judgement
    • Judgement Cross
    • Shield Shooting
    • Overslash
    • Cross Rain

NPC Updates:

  • Added VIP Ticket Exchanger near Stylist
  • Fixed Bug with Gramps
  • Coming Soon:
    • Revamped Illusion Dungeon System (more info on its way)
    • Missing Dungeons

We’re at 50% of our donation goal for our next huge content update.  While donating isn’t required, its absolutely appreciated!  All of the money that comes into EssenceRO goes back into the server in the form of content and upgrades.  As of right now, we’re at $208 of $420 for the big 17.2 Episode content, and with that that purchase we’ll be obtaining:

  • Full 17.1 Mob & Item Database
    • This will allow us accurate information for mobs/mob skills & items and full implementation of our custom Illusion dungeon system. More info coming soon as we get closer
  • Fully 17.2 Episode Content : Sage’s Legacy
    • Main Quests
    • Instances:
      • Hey! Sweety!
      • Water Garden
      • Hidden Flower Garden
      • Lost in Time
    • Dungeons:
      • 1st Power Plant
      • 2nd Power Plant
      • Library
      • Tataros
      • Tataros’ Storeroom Lower Level
      • Wastewater Treatment Plant
      • Kennel Lost Valley
      • Large Medatito Bath
    • Important Places:
      • Teahouse
      • Restaurant (Ticket Exchanger & Enchanter)
      • Varmundt’s Mansion
    • Important NPC’s:
      • Elena Bolkova
      • Erst
      • Kaya Toss
      • Mansion Manager
      • Tamarin
    • Equipment:
      • Automatic Equipment
      • Sin Weapons
      • Cards


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