Donate to EssenceRO support essenceRO and help keep us up and running!

EssenceRO costs around $450 a month minimum to maintain (with various other costs on a non-regular basis) - so any contributions from our players are gratefully received. As a "thank you", we do offer players some rewards for donating - but these have a nominal impact on the game environment, and there's no pressure to donate.

All donators will receive eRO Donation Credits, at an exchange rate of 1 Credit to $1 USD. These are claimed in game, and can be exchanged for various items and services. We strive to ensure that these rewards have minimal impact on the balance between players in-game, to ensure that all our players are on equal terms.

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Click "make a donation" button above.
  • Input your donation amount.
  • You will securely be able to check-out on our website using the Paypal portal
  • Once a donation is completed, you may navigate to the ITEM SHOP page
  • Spend your credits & checkout!
  • Either re-log in-game and your donation items will be given to you automatically, or speak with the Donation Redemption NPC in Old Payon

Donation Reward Items here are some examples of what you can recieve from us as a thank you for donating! All of our available items are located in our Item Shop

Ultimate Fly Wing
Item Effect Fly Wing with infinite uses. Cannot be consumed. Price 5x eRO Credit
Roulette Coin
Item Effect Speak to the slot machine in @market for a chance to win a rare headgear costume! Price 5x eRO Credit
30-Day VIP
Item Effect Gain exclusive access to different @commands to make your life a little easier. Also bypass the zeny fee when creating costumes through the Mad Hatter! Visit the wiki to see all of the details! Price 15x eRO Credit
Gym Pass
Item Effect A membership card at a training facility that helps you increase your strength. This card will grant you an one time access to training, just show it to the trainer NPC. A visit will increase your skill level by 1 boosting your weight capacity by 200 per level, To a maximum of level 10 Price 2x eRO Credit
Level 1 and 2 Donation Commands
@ccolor | @hcolor | @hstyle | @dye Who needs the stylist NPC when you can change your look without leaving your town!.
@restock Automatically replinish your supplies without having to use @storage.
@dye @haircolor @hairstyle Change appearance.
@me Role playing at its finest!
@pettalk @petrename Pet commands.
@homtalk Control Homonculus speech.
@shopjump Jump to a shop that you're looking for!
@nomelee Don't be afraid to cast your heart out. You can't walk towards your target with this enabled!

Special Services

The following services cannot be automatically added to your account via an item, and must be manually implemented by a server administrator. To claim, place an order in-game at the donation NPC and we'll contact you for further details. Please provide a valid email address for us to deal with your request.

Character Account Transfer
Details Transfer one character to another account. Price 5x eRO Credit
Design Your Own Headgear
DetailsOur on-hand spriter will make a hat exclusively for you, and only you! Design it from the ground up. Limitations Apply. All custom-hats do not have stats or slots. Price 30x eRO Credit

Claiming Your Credits already donated? here's what to do next

Donations can be claimed from the Essence Donation Service NPC, which is located in Old Payon (75,123).

Credits are delivered instantly once you check out from the website, either re-log to be given them automatically, or speak with the Donation Redemption NPC.

If you'd prefer to speak to the NPC, select the "Claim Donation" option on the menu, and you'll be given your items automatically. If you've waited longer than this, don't hesitate to contact a GM!