Downloads everything you need to get started on essenceRO

Quick Start Guide

  • Download the latest EssenceRO Client Download the latest EssenceRO client .
  • Install into Ragnarok Online directory By default, this RO will install to C:\Program Files\EssenceRO
  • You're ready to play! You must register your account, then run the EssenceRO patcher and we'll see you in game! Remember, by creating an account and logging in, you're agreeing to our terms of service and will be held accountable if within a voilation of any rule.

Fresh Install How-To installation from scratch

For the latest installation instructions, head to our Wiki Installation Guide.

To play on EssenceRO, we highly recommend you download and install our EssenceRO Full Client. Simply download, and install into your desired directory. Don't forget to use the EssenceRO Patcher to play!

EssenceRO Full Client (Recommended)
Mirror Download
Direct EssenceRO Full Client (Updated March 6, 2020) Approx Size 3.1GB Direct Download
Mirror 1 EssenceRO Full Client (Updated March 6, 2020) Approx Size 3.1GB MEGA Download

After downloading and installing the EssenceRO Full client and you are having difficulty getting online, head over to the Technical Support forums, and we'll be happy to help.

EssenceRO Client Install How-To installation using kRO & the EssenceRO Lite Client (Not recommended)

If you prefer to download kRO and EssenceRO Lite seperately, please be aware that we do not recommend this! First download the latest version of kRO (provided) and install into your desired location. Then download the EssenceRO Lite client and ovewrite the files in your kRO folder.

EssenceRO Lite Client Download
Mirror Download
kRO Client Updated: 2020-04-09 Approx Size 1.3GB rAthena Download
Mirror 1: EssenceRO Lite Client (Updated 2020-05-19) Approx Size 877Mb Direct Download
Mirror 2: EssenceRO Lite Client (Updated 2020-5-19 Approx Size 877Mb MEGA Download