EssenceRO Basics new player to essenceRO? here's what you need to know!

Vital Stats
Server Rates 75x 75x 50x (50x MVP Drop Rates) Maximum Level 170 Base & 90 Job
Maximum Stats 150 Maximum ASPD 193
Instant Cast 190 DEX Primary Town Old Payon (@go 0)

EssenceRO Server Features overview of features and customisations

Quick Note from the Essence Kafra..

This page reflects a tiny handful of the changes we've implemented to improve your playing experience. For further details and up-to-the-minute changelogs, you can view our Server Customs page or check out the numerous forum changelogs.

General Features
Pre-Renewal Completely Pre-Renewal with options to disguise yourself as 3rd jobs/jRO jobs & chibi chars.(disabled in BG, PvP and WoE).
Custom Control Panel Ladders, offline account/character equipment viewing, vend search and more.
Extensive Class Balancing Countless changes and improvements to specific classes and skills.
Fully Overhauled MVP System Party oriented MVPing, improved MVP AI and custom drops.
Overhauled War of Emperium See here for further information.
Storage Enhancements Storage is limited to 900 items.
Restricted Vending A completely custom map for our vendors that we love! @go market
Asian-Friendly Proxy Support We love our Asian friends, and want them to enjoy the game just as much as we do. With our proxy support, our friends across the world will enjoy a lower ping for the best gameplay we can offer.
Battlegrounds 3.0 Take the grind out of Ragnarok Online and gear your toon via our custom Battleground Shops. With over 10 custom Battleground games to play, you'll never be bored again. We update our battlegrounds games seasonally, with something new to do all the time! Only here do we offer specific Battlegrouds consumeables for FREE.
Keep your badges for something else you may need! For more information on our Battlegrounds system & games, please click here
Game Mechanics
Renewal Interface Latest client & client updates.
Skill Reworking Numerous underused skills improved to usability and build versatility.
Perfect Dodge Enhancements Perfect Dodge affects all Physical damage (including skills).
Scaled Status Resistance Stat-based status immunity requirement scaled up to reflect rates.
MDEF Based Resistance Capped at 97 for full immunity.
Status Duration Increase Base duration for status effects scaled up.
Base Cast Times 5/6 Normal To reflect increased requirements for instant cast.
EssenceRO Custom NPCs
Job Changer Change to all jobs, including 3-1 classes.
Baby Job Changer Change to a Baby Class with no adoption requirement.
Platinum Skill NPC Provides 1-1 quest skills only!
Universal Rental NPC Rent a Peco, Cart, Falcon, Warg, Dragon, or Magic Armor.
Kafra Express Features card removal, equipment repair, item identification and much more.
Healer and Buff NPCs Free Healer and basic buffs for a nominal fee.
Party Warp NPC Warp directly to party members on selected maps.
War of Emperium NPC Castle warps, view guild rankings and more.
Comprehensive Stylist Save and load palettes or preview your favourite headgears.
Costumer Alternate 3rd Job costumes are here!
Bullet Casing Packers Pack bullets into casings - includes 15 custom bullet types.
Item Signer and Cleaner Sign your stuff and remove inscriptions.
Exclusive Player Commands
@commands All of our generic commands can be found by using this. There's too many to list here!
@joinbg Our fully customized Battlegrounds system lets you vote for your favorite game, simply type @joinbg 1-10 to choose your game and have your friends vote to play! For more information about our Battlegrounds system, click here
@LGP This is a helpful tool to show you your max range, set the parameters to whatever you'd like! To see the full guide click here
@aoes An added features of @lgp. This toggles whether or not you can see AOE skills
@ecall Who has time to open their guild menu and find "Emergency Recall". Do it with a simple command! There's also a usefull cooldown buff icon that will display on your screen.
@nomelee Turn off Melee attacks. This is amazingly useful for casters. Ever have that moment when youre spamming skills and start walking towards your target? Yeah, we have a fix for that.
@autopot Set it and forget it. Never run out of HP again! (Unless you run out of pots...)
@channel Join global channels, and create your own for you and your friends.
@shopsearch @ss Search player vends for an item ID.
@shopjump Jump to the shop you're looking for instead of sifting through a sea of chat boxes.