Server Information

EssenceRO is one of the leading mid-rate servers to date. We take pride in keeping our server new and fresh with updates weekly. We're perfect for the casual player and even the grind-fest hardcore players! Our unique systems cater to all types of players, new and old! We welcome everyone to give us a try, and any questions you may have can easily be asked in our official Discord!.

Information for EssenceRO
Episode 13.2 Pre-Renewal
Max Levels 170/90
Max Stats 150 (All Classes)
Max ASPD 193
Server Started 07 March 2020
Party Share Range 20 Levels
Exp and Drop Rates
Base & Job 75x
Quest Exp 75x
Item Drop 50x
Card Drop 50x
MiniBoss Card Drop 0.5%
MVP Card Drop 0.5%

 Custom Features

EssenceRO is known for its custom features. All of our customs and comprehensive guides can be found on our Official wiki. Below is just a small taste of some of the extensive list of customized features we have on EssenceRO!

Extensive Class Balancing Fully Overhauled MVP System
Storage Enhancements Vending Map
Battlegrounds 3.0 Exclusive Battlegrounds Shops
GvG Oriented War of Emperium Draft War of Empierum
PvMvP (PvP Enabled on MVP Maps) Automated & GM Hosted Events


On EssenceRO we have multiple daily automated events, from our eRO Survival Arena to a fully automated Bombring event, there's something happening every hour! Our GM's are constantly online and strive to host GM hosted events at least three times a week to ensure the happiness of our players! You can see the full schedule of our automated events here.

 PvP and PvM

We're KNOWN for our PvMvP maps! Every nautral spawning MVP map has PvP enabled for extra conquest! Fight your enemies and fight for your rights to own that MVP! On top of that, our MVP system has been completely overhauled. We encourage Party MVPing and because of our higher levels, our new MvP's reflect that.

  WoE times (Server Time)

War of Emperium: Second Edition Wednesday at 21:00PM
War of Emperium: Second Edition Saturday at 10:00AM
Draft War of Emperium: First Edition Castles Sunday at 10:00AM (Drafting starts at 9:30AM)

 Basic Server Statistics

Accounts 0 created
Characters 0 named
Guilds 0 established
Parties 0 formed
Zeny 0 collected
MVPs Killed 0 collected