Survival Arena automated eRO minigame

Minigame TokenEssenceRO Survival Arena is a selection of party oriented mini-games, that run every six hours (06:00, 12:00, 18:00 and 00:00 server time). Each time the arena is opened, there will be a global server announcement - and all players wishing to participate must enter their arena within five minutes, via the Minigame Arena NPCs (see left), and after paying the entrance fee.

Participants in Survival Arena must complete five levels of the arena in total - completing the final level will cause the Prize NPC to spawn in the center, who'll give you your prize and warp you out of the arena. Note that once you enter, all your @commands will be blocked from use - this means no storaging inside the arena, so take as much as you can carry! If you're killed during the arena, you can be resurrected - but if all participants are dead, or no one is able to resurrect, then you'll have to wait until the next Survival Arena begins - there's no going back! Winners receive a prize based on the difficulty level they participated in.

Note that each survival arena mode has limits:

Survival Arena (Easy) - 15 players, level 75-99 only

Survival Arena (Hard) - 20 players, level 100-169 only

Survival Arena (Extreme) - 20 players, level 170 only

Arena Prizes prize quantity based on event you participate in

Arena Prizes
Minigame Token Minigame Token Can be traded via Token Trader for prizes