Patchup, 4 July, 2021


こんこんいちは! Just a small day-after patch to fix some of the bugs from yesterday’s patch and add some stuff.

:FoxTail_MafuMafu: Added dummies and a healer duplicate to the northeast part of the main town.
:FoxTail_MafuMafu: Changed Lenneth’s sprite in Yuno so she doesn’t crash you anymore.
:FoxTail_MafuMafu: Added the sakura mapflag to the main town (now pedals fall always)!
:FoxTail_MafuMafu: Fixed all four levels of HD bradium downrefine once and for all. I learned the reason I thought it was fixed before is because the logic I added only applied to level 1 weapons and I was always testing level 1 weapons by chance. I have since uploaded and thoroughly tested it on all four weapon levels on the live server before even writing these patchnotes, so it is absolutely positively fixed. However, blacksmith blessing is still bugged. That’s my next project; adding BSB logic.
:FoxTail_MafuMafu: Changed the rates for some LV 4 weapon refining. +11 is now 18%, +12 is 12%, and +13 is 10%. The rest are the same.
:FoxTail_MafuMafu: Fixed the bugs with the all the Valkyrie Fragment npcs.
:FoxTail_MafuMafu: World Tokens should drop correctly from instances now.

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