Quick Patch, 7 Jule, 2021


Hey! I’m just fixing some minor things.

1: Max Status Points now cap at level 200 again. Initially I was under the impression the stat table was bugged and it was supposed to continue expanding all the way up to level 250, but after checking kro, it turns out I was wrong, so I’ve reset the stat points cap to their previous level. To facilitate the update, everyone’s stats were reset and your status points are set to 1. In order to access your stat points again, simply reset in town and they’ll appear~ Sorry about the confusion; but I hope you enjoyed the increased stats while they lasted! Perhaps we’ll do it again as an event or something.
2: Changed the Daily Quest item list so that Gymnastics Ribbon is now Fabric and Amethyst is now Crystal Mirror. The reset on CP still isn’t working though – I can hotfix that later. –
3: The Silvervine Fruit box from @instance shows the fruit on open now.

Be sure to register for the PVP tournament this Saturday by the way! Go to discord to get the smash.gg link and register – if you don’t register, you don’t compete! –

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