bringing the essence of ragnarok online back to private servers
Welcome to our community
We’re not your typical Ragnarok Online Private Server, we’re a family. Together we’re building something beautiful, and you’re welcome to join!

Our mission is to create one of, if not THE best private Ragnarok Server out there.  With the support of the community we can achieve anything.  We collectively work together, suggesting and volunteering our time to create a community for our current, and any new players.

With the help of our community, we’ve launched the first private server with the highly anticipated 4th jobs!  We’re slowly working together to bring the latest kRO Episode Content to life.

In order to create the amazing server we dream about, we closely follow the kRO progression.  With that, we make small modifications to the kRO mechanics for the quality of life sake of our players.

Our strategy comes in the form of years of failed private servers and thinking we knew what was best for the community.

It turns out, the players know a lot more about the game than the owners do, so it’s always best to keep their opinions and suggestions front and center.

Server information

Below you’ll find the very basic of basic server information for Essence Ragnarok Online.  Our features are constantly updating so it’s best take a look at our changelogs and our wiki for the latest and greatest information!


75x Base Exp Rate
75x Job Exp Rate
50x Drop Rate
20x MVP & Miniboss Equipment Drop Rates
1x MVP & Miniboss Card Drop Rates
20x Quest Exp Rate


Server Location: Los Angeles, California
Episode: 17.2
Available Classes: 4th Jobs & Expanded Classes
Main Language: English
MVP Cards: Enabled
God Items: Disabled
Dual Logging: Enabled


Party & Guild

Party Size: 15
Party Share EXP Range: 40
Guild Cap Social: 76
Guild Cap WoE: 24
PK Enabled: PVP on MVP Maps
VIP System:

custom features

100’s of Questable Hats
Costume System (Create any hat!)
Dress Disguise (Change your look to Alternate Sprites)
Custom Mobs & Leveling Zones
Enhanced Illusion Dungeon System (Daily Quests Removed)
Cash Points available through MVP
MVP Ranking Ladder & Rewards
War of Emperium Registration


ready to join our community?

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